There is no doubt about it, natural stone flooring and wooden flooring can make a spectacular impact on the design of a room. However they don’t come without their problems. Vinyl flooring can offer an easy yet stunning alternative to natural floors.

Issues with Natural Stone Flooring

Natural stone flooring is often susceptible to marking, scratching and some stones can be porous meaning that they can absorb spilled liquids. I’ve seen beautiful stone floors ruined by red wine and even cleaning products such as bleach and floor cleaner. they have to be sealed and resealed every so often (time depends on the type of stone) and you must use the correct cleaning product for natural stone.

natural stone floor tiles damaged

natural stone floor tiles damaged by cleaning products

Issues with Natural Wood Floors

Whether you prefer the natural treated floor board effect or a parquet wooden floor you’ll need to treat and maintain your wooden floor with great care. Like the stone floors it is susceptible to stains and damage and replacing a section and trying to match the older flooring is not an easy task.

Scratches and marks on natural wooden floor

Tired and scratched wooden flooring

The Solution – Vinyl Wood Effect Flooring & Stone Effect Flooring

Many people assume that vinyl flooring is only used in schools, restaurant and retail area’s but this could not be further from the truth. There are a number of high quality vinyl floor options that cater from domestic and high quality commercial floor fitting. Altro, Karndean, Amtico and Polyflor offer a range of exquisite replica floor effects that most would not know from the real thing without closer inspection. The finish is often stunning and can come at a lesser cost than natural stone or wood. What’s more it is more durable, can be used in more area’s without fear of damaging it (think bathroom floors and kitchen flooring) and is far easier to clean and maintain.

Altro Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring

Altro wooden effect flooring that will stand the test of time

If you are looking for a high quality floor on your next project then speak to one of the team about the high quality vinyl flooring available from Alliance Flooring. To discuss any flooring ideas or requirements please get in touch to speak to one of the team. We don’t employ pushy salesman, only qualified and experienced floor fitters who are happy to give advice without any commitment or obligation.